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Hi there! This is the “about page”, where you hope to get a sense of who I am and what I can bring to the table, right?

Who I am is the girl who wanted to do this since I was 11, which means I have been doing this a little over a minute. I love color, and space, and how a room makes you feel. I love how a home tells a story, your story, not mine.

I love dirt too, and plants, and outside. I think your outside space should be just as telling as your inside space. For this reason, we also landscape and make impressive container gardens.

You will know early on in our time together that I love what I do. Best job in the world. And part of the joy is listening, dreaming, creating, and then realizing the potential that lies within your home or yard. I will be practical. I will guide, not direct. I will respect the budget. And when we are done, we will drink water, tea or wine, your choice, and together we will marvel at your new space.

You and I will take this adventure on together. We can transform your home frame to final finishes, or use what you have and reinvent it to make your home feel fresh and new.

Thanks for stopping by. Call me - surely we can start something magnificent together.




My desire is to design your home with current ideas, not trendy, soon-to-be-out-of-date designs. Cookie cutter design is not what I believe in and your home should be your haven, a reflection of you. I believe that hiring an interior designer should be practical, affordable, and respectful of your budget. Most people have a vision for their home and may not know how to get there. That is where we come in.

Again, we listen to your ideas and we will steer you, shop with you, have fun together, and end up in a place where you say “That’s exactly what I had in mind!” From managing full-scale construction projects to selecting paint colors, we will assist with every step, bringing peace of mind to the complex process of creating your unique space.


With the right interior design, everything is possible!

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Jayne & Brynne in well-designed home with plants


If you look up meticulous in a Google search, I am confident her picture would be there.  I would be hard pressed to say what I enjoy the most about her. Besides her excellent design and creativity gene, she got the beautiful inside and out gene too.  And, she got a goofy gene to boot!  What a privilege to work with someone that sees joy in everything, does remarkable design work and has the best humor.  As one client said after watching her work, “Everyone needs a Brynne!”.  I win!



Working with Jayne in our office, on our rolling chairs, sharing design ideas, has been such a fun and rewarding experience. I admire the love she has for each and every project. Her heart becomes invested as if she were designing her own space. She never overlooks the details even while thinking big-picture, and is always ready to celebrate project milestones with a charcuterie board. How cool is it for me to say, “I get to work with my Boss-Friend!” No, Jayne, I win!




“Jayne McGinn stepped up to the plate when restoring our home after a major hurricane. She has a keen eye, great taste, and will keep you in the loop as progress is being made. Since budget was a concern, she pointed us in a direction where we could obtain great quality for a great price. We had updated our home before the storm, but not to this extent. We were so glad to have the opportunity to work with this company and would highly recommend to anyone for remodel, design, and creative ideas on how to improve your home and yard design.”

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